Three-Dimensional Ultrasound Center La Floresta Medical Institute

Dr. Leandro Fernandez directs the Advanced Vascular Ultrasound Laboratory (LEAV) at La Floresta Medical Institute in Caracas. The Center focuses its assistance to patients requiring vascular scans, allowing the evaluation of arteries and veins of any organ.The LEAV is one of the most complete services for echosonograms in Latin America, as it has the most advanced technology available today. The types of equipment used at this centre are chosen by NASA for the care and investigation of the effects of microgravity on astronauts. Similarly, these equipment are the same used in the most prestigious hospitals in the U.S. and Europe.

In the Advanced Vascular Ultrasound Laboratory (LEAV), Dr. Fernandez and his medical team besides the well-known Doppler Color, also perform special scan studies using the latest ultrasound techniques such as:

  • Computerized Ultrasound Tomography
  • Three-dimensional Doppler
  • Angiography Digital Ultrasound
  • Contrast-enhanced Ultrasound
  • 3D Ultrasound surface, Vascular Morpho-volumetry, and
  • Virtual Endoscopy
  • Ultrasound Tissue Harmonic
  • Panoramic Ultrasound (extended)

The laboratory has the ability to conduct scan studies using MRI technology as a source of generating ultrasound imaging, utilizing the sophisticated processing xRes®

All these techniques can be applied to patients of any age and for the study of any organ that requires a non-invasive assessment of maximum sensitivity and specificity, and allow a precise examination without pain or risk to the patient producing a fine detail of the vessels blood, avoiding in most cases the need for arteriography with iodine or similar, and use X-rays.

In cooperation with renowned specialists and the Laboratory for Invasive Cardiovascular Explorations (LEIC), procedures such as central or peripheral vascular approach, pharmacological induced thrombosis of pseudo-aneurysms. The laboratory is equipped for the intra-operative ultrasound.

The Advanced Vascular Ultrasound Laboratory (LEAV) is recognized internationally and has cooperation agreements, research and teaching with the Jefferson Ultrasound Research and Education Institute at Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, USA, and the Department of Radiology Ultrasound Institute INRAD, of the Hospital das Clinicas University of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The LEAV also has an educational agreement with SonoImagen – International School for Advanced Ultrasound and La Floresta Medical Institute, for conducting specialized courses in the newest ultrasound techniques as well as the presentation of the results of their work to the national and international ultrasound community.

Advanced Vascular Ultrasound Laboratory (LEAV)
Instituto Medico La Floresta, Piso 3. Calle Santa Ana, La Floresta. Caracas, Venezuela.
Phones: +58 (212) 209-6320 (direct line), +58 (212) 209-6222, Extension 320.


Dr. Leandro Fernandez also offers specialized ultrasound services in the Ultrasound Department of Vista Alegre Private Hospital, and the Center for 3D Ultrasound and Color, where he is Medical Director, this center for ultrasound has been generating ultrasound sonographic assistance since 1997.

Centro de Ecografía Tridimensional
y a Color

Clinica Vista Alegre, Edificio principal,
Planta baja.
Calle 3, Vista Alegre. Caracas, Venezuela.
Phones: 471-1105 or 471-2004 / 471-0006, Extension 6107. 24 Hours Emergency.

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